Sahara Samuha Nepal has been working as a social organization in Nepal for about 11 years. We have been remarkably performing on our service in the concerned sector. Although, we are facing number of challenges in our practice, we have a clear vision of social service and its working procedures. With a great esteem,Sahara Samuha Nepal would continuously work for the betterment of health, education and environment in our work area and warmly welcome to different parties, individual and associations to participate for accomplishment of its goals.

    The objectives of this organization is to make education accessible to all the  under privileged people of rural region. The other objectives of the organization are as below.

    • Disaster Relief.
    • Health post Development
    • Health education program for community children
    • Develop and conduct training on various subjects of environment, social mobilization and public health.
    • Free Medicine Distribution
    • Health Camp Program

    The core areas where Sahara Samuha Nepal wants to contribute its services are as below


    There’s plenty wrong with rural health care in Nepal-lack of political will, a stifling bureaucracy, and poor awareness. Then again, some things are going well. And we are working on contributing a little by some of our health oriented programs.


    Educational opportunities are crucial to young people in rural Nepal with hopes for a better future. In Nepal, most children attend primary school up to age 10, but in rural areas there often is not a secondary school near enough for them to complete their education. Some cannot attend school because of the economic conditions too. We aim to provide educational funds to the needy children and also to reform physical aspects of school if necessary.


    Most of the rural areas of Nepal lack knowledge of environmental education. So, we want is to be involved in the assessment, correction, control, and prevention of environmental factors adversely affecting human health by providing environmental education and environmental health activities. Environmental health activities should provide opportunities for improved health outcomes and better working environments towards health promotion.


    There are some causes we also try to provide our services, like disaster relief, scholarship to underprivileged students, free medicines and many more as per the need.


    We are a non-governmental organization with vision to improve quality of health and help shape future for livelihood of under privileged people of remote Nepal. We also contribute in sustainable community development by combining research and actions through integrated programs in the environmental and public health areas through basic agreement with social welfare council. We work on the field of, Disaster Relief, Health education program for community children, Develop and conduct training on various subjects of environment, social mobilization and public health.